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About Us

The Business Seekers Group is a group of business owners who value the importance of networking. We meet regularly with a range of meeting styles, from a formal monthly breakfast meeting to more social gatherings. The reason is always the same - to develop knowledge and trust with other like-minded business people so that we can each be there to refer services to others.

Benefits of Joining

Networking ( 95% )

Growing our own businesses ( 87% )

Social connections ( 65% )

Why We Are Different

The mandate of the Business Seekers is to provide their members with opportunities to grow their entourage, meet with like minded business people, and exchange ideas, referrals and contacts via planned monthly get-togethers.

We do not limit membership to a single business per category because we firmly believe in healthy competition. Here are some of the key reasons competition is healthy:

  •     Reminds you to focus on keeping your key customers
  •     Provides opportunities for creative thinking
  •     Stops complacency
  •     Allows for working together on common industry or market issues
  •     Can motivate you to a higher standard of customer service or innovation
  •     Provides ideas you can adapt for your products or services
  •     Helps identify potential threats to your business
  •     Helps your strengths and weaknesses
  •     Provides an alternative for customers who are not a good fit for your business
  •     Helps you work smarter

    We are not a referral group. We do not push referrals for many reasons:

  •     First, and foremost, we believe that by building strong relationship, referrals will come on their own.
  •     Referrals are hard to control; you can't demand that members refer one another
  •     Not all industries can get the same amount of referrals
  •     When not referred, members get offended, frustrated and become hostile to the organization
  •     You can't force members to adhere to a certain standard, which should be sort of required if members are going to vouch for one another.

    That being said, we do encourage members to evaluate businesses within the membership first, before selecting a non-member to provide the same product or service that is offered by a member.

  • Why Join?

    Your $95 yearly membership includes the following: (charity and non-profits $50)

  •     25% Off any ads purchased in the Seeker
  •     25% Off Any trade show booth put up by the Seeker
  •     FREE web hosting for first year and 50% on subsequent years at VersaCore including a "do it yourself" website platform free to use
  •     25% Discounts on Web Design at VersaCore
  •     Complimentary feature in the Seeker during the year of your membership
  •     250 words mini-profile with pictures featuring your business
  •     Access to discounts at other members' businesses
  •     Business Listing on, which receives more than 3000 visitors a day
  •     Free tags in articles online whenever possible
  •     Promotion on Social Media
  •     Discount on networking events (Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, Trade Shows and more)

    Anybody can join, nobody is excluded, no matter where you are and what line of work you are in. We do not limit businesses by categories because we believe competition is healthy.

    To join, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

  • Meet The Board

    Julia Lucio


    Owner of Versacore Tech Designs and co-owner of The Seeker, Julia has experience with Networking Groups and endevours to make the Business Seeker Group the one to belong to if you wish to network.

    Co-owner of the Seeker.

    Mai-Liis Renaud

    Board Member

    MAI-LIIS The Graphic Designer offering both artwork and printing services - Specializing in custom wedding invitation packages - Wedding Invitations "One of a Kind - Created with You in Mind!".

    Also Co-owner of the Seeker.

    John Lister

    Board Member

    John operates, a website development firm, and John Lister Photography, as well as other photography-related websites. He also contributes to the Seeker as Johnny Radar - providing weekly weather reports.

    Marlene Baker

    Board Member

    Marlene works with John operating Fashionography and Photo Dreams, both specific photography busineses catering to niche markets. She is also an award-winning contributor to the Seeker with her column, 'Positively Marlene'.


    Member's Businesses

    You may browse all businesses (they are in alphabetical order) or use the category buttons to search for a specific category.



    Contact Details

    You may contact Business Seekers by phone at 613-935-3763, or stop by the Seeker office at 327 2nd Street E., Cornwall, Ontario, K6H 1Y8. You may also email us at

    Please note that our office hours are Mondays and Tuesdays, 10 - 12 and 1 - 5. You may also stop by our secondary office Wednesdays and Thursdays located at 319 Fourth Street W.

    Call us at 613-935-3763

    Join Business Seekers

    By filling in this form, you are agreeing to pay the yearly membership fee. You are agreeing to follow up by phone to arrange payment, and by email to provide your bio information for this website. We look forward to having you join us!